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Public Works Department owns, constructs and maintains public properties like Government Buildings, National Highways, State Highways, Major District Roads, Bridges, Culverts and related infrastructures.   Addressing the citizen’s grievances regarding these assets, its usage and condition is one of the key areas of focus of the Department which is very essential for effective governance. Public work department have a “GRIVANCE REDRESSAL CELL” which is effectively functioning for the last couple of years. Citizens can lodge a complaint about   roads, bridges and buildings by calling the toll free number “18004257771” of Grievance Redressal cell on all working days from 9.30 AM in the morning to 7.30 PM in the evening. The status of the grievance raised can be tracked later using the unique complaint registration number.


The highlight of grievance redressal in Kerala PWD is the Hon. Minister for Works & Registration personally attends the grievances of citizens once in every month in the presence of higher level officials of the Department and gives appropriate directions to solve the grievances raised. The complaints raised and the directions given by the Hon. Minister are also made live in the official facebook page of the Hon. Minister Sri.G Sudhakaran. This facebook live program of the Hon. Minister reaches to about 10 lakh people. Through these initiatives, the Government is able to increase the public attention on PWD works considerably and thereby make the Department more public friendly.